Hot Line Minor Plus Strip Heater

This strip heater and Repeat Bending Fixture can be used with most thermoplastics. Robust lockable support bars are provided, an adjustable angle stop is provided as part of the protractor mechanism to aid accurate repetitive bending, and a clamp locks the bending frame at the desired bending angle to allow the plastic to cool. The heat reflector may be removed for cleaning. Body is fully earthed to the supply and the radiant heater silica is sheathed. An ideal product to accurately bend small batch sheet thermoplastic. Features:- * Angle protractor with stop for accurate repeat bending. * Bending Frame position clamp. * Lockable support bar. * Spring loaded material clamp. * Heating off switch. * Adjustable vacuum timer switch. * Residual Current Device (RCD) * Size:- 750 length x 460 depth x 220 height, weighs approx 9kgs ( Carton 780 x 225 x 280mm). * Max bend length is 500mm, max bend angle 0 - 165 degrees, material thickness 1.5 - 6mm, voltage (50Hz)- 240v and the heater power is 500watts.
More Information
Dimensions750 length x 460 depth x 220mm height