About EMA Models

About E.M.A Model Supplies

EMA have been supplying the refinery, petrochemical and nuclear industries with model parts for over 40 years. The company was formed originally for creating design models for these industries, but as time passed, architects, schools and colleges found their 9,000 products invaluable.

In recent years however the film and T.V. industry have imaginatively adapted many of these parts to create models of buildings, castles, boats, trains etc. as it was more cost effective than building a full size mock up of the real thing.

We have in this time supplied some of the biggest film and T V shows in the U.K. including the James Bond films, the Harry Potter Films, Wallace and Gromit, Dr. Who and Thomas the Tank Engine.

Our materials include; tubes, bends, tees, reducers, domes, cones, stairs, ladders, square and round tubes, acrylic rods, plain and patterned sheets, fences, meshes, figures, vehicles, furniture, structural profiles etc.

Create your street scene, skyscraper, oil rig, castle, submarine base etc. from thousands of professional engineering model making items, allowing you to prototype any project.