Badger Airbrush Model 360 Universal

For close, detailed work a gravity feed airbrush is normally recommended, while for larger modelling projects a bottom feed is more suitable. This normally means two airbrushes, or a compromise is necessary. No longer is this the case. The 360 Universal combines the attributes of a gravity feed brush (with its low capacity colour cup) and the advantages of a side or bottom feed brush. The front section can be rotated through 360� and what was a colour cup now becomes the attachment joint for a jar adaptor. Add to this the benefits of new needle/tip technology and you have the Airbrush for all needs. 360 Set Comprises: Model 360 Airbrush 2x 3/4oz. jars, jar adaptor and instructions. Packed in a plastic presentation/storage case. Air hose, regulator and propellant not included.