Tin Melting Station with Pouring Spout

This electric tin melting station with a volume of 400ml is excellently suited to melt lead and tin. The liquid tin can be poured into a casting ladle from the tub. Thus, any waste materials remain on the surface of the tin and one can workwith a clean tin at all times. The melting vessel has a locking lever to open the spout at the bottom of the vessel in order to pour out the tin. Tin waste and other remnants remain on the surface and can be removed with a small beech thermostat at the side of the device. A melting temperature of 120°C to 450°C is attainable. Filling amount: The melting vessle may be filled with 2,500g ornamental pewter or 3,500g casting pewter. Important: The device rests on a sturdy base so, it is easy to view the tin when it is poured onto the casting ladle. We do not recommend placing the moulds directly under the casting spout and pouring the tin into the mould because if the mould is not placed precisely under the spout, the hot tin may splatter .