Vessel Tubing 254mm x 910mm

ABS has been hailed by professional modelmakers as 'the best all round construction material since wood'. Stronger and more rigid than many metals; easier and more flexible to work with than any previous plastic; cleaner and more durable than wood, ABS structural shapes by Plastruct have been used for engineering design models on an international scale since their introduction ABS is also one of the best plastics for heat or vacuum forming and, of course, has excellent bonding characteristics, not only to itself but to other commonly used plastics. ABS is a thermoplastic, terpolymer combining the best qualities of the Acrylics, Butyrates and Styrenes. It is more than half again as rigid as it's cousin, Styrene and size for size, is nearly as rigid as brass.
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Outside Diameter254.0mm
Internal Diameter247.6mm
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